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How do companies use Web scraping?

Pricing Intelligence

Track product price changes, monitor liquidity, automatically extract information about your competitor pricing on a large scale, integrate data streams into your system and use real-time data to make critical business decisions.

Retail Monitoring

Monitor unauthorized sales or product discounts. Track websites that are selling counterfeits or shipping your products to unapproved countries.

Brand Protection

Track product placement on e-commerce sites and prevent the illegal selling of your products. With Oxydata you can proactively manage your brand perception.

Social Media

Gather data from social profiles, protect your brand and company reputation by tracking employee social activity.

Real Estate

Scrape real estate listings, compare prices within a region, and make data-driven construction or rental decisions.

Travel Data

Monitor your competitor travel or vacation package deals, get pricing information and stay competitive with the most accurate data.


Get information about relevant news articles or your brand mentions.

SEO Monitoring

Get data about keyword rankings. Monitor SERP positions for specific keywords and competitor SEO success within the industry.

Financial Research

Collect data about financial markets, stock market changes, trading, currency exchange markets, etc.

Lead Generation

Use web scraping to extract business contacts and generate high-quality sales leads.


Use web scraping to aggregate jobs from job boards or to identify the best people for your company.


Crawl car related data such as model, description, price, and more from automobile blogs, forums, etc.

Need data for something else? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

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Scraping With World's Largest Websites

Fortune 500 companies
Pricing Intelligence companies
Retail Monitoring companies
Brand Protection companies

How it works

1. Choose Your Target

First, tell us what your target is. Give us a domain and specify which parts of the page you need to scrape. Or provide a list of direct URLs, and we’ll extract data for you.

2. Extracting Data

Now, sit back, relax and let the Oxydata team take over the hard work. Using advanced scraping techniques, we crawl websites and extract raw data. All necessary metadata can be saved for future reference.

3. Data Structuring

If the raw data is not enough, we can remove all unnecessary components and structurize it to fit your needs. Simply tell us what’s needed, and we’ll prepare structured data that is ready to be used.

4. Returning Data

Once the requested data is ready, you can download it in XML, CSV, through API in JSON directly from our data storage.

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