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As the technology started growing by leap and bounds, a keen requirement for building native apps was realized and that was the beginning of cross-platform mobile app development. Among a number of such cross platforms, one same that deserves a special mention is Xamarin. In fact, the robust nature, versatility and multifaceted efficiency allowed it to enjoy an exalted status among various such cross platforms. Here are the 3 most important qualities to look for while hiring an ideal Xamarin developer:

Experience matters the most

Experience matters the most when you look for a xamarin developer as a little mistake can translate to high costs or restricted user experience something that you cannot risk as an essential reason for opting for Xamarin technology is to offer more flexibility to the users. An experience of at least 4 years upwards is the benchmark on which your selections should rest on. Such an adequate experience allows the developer to develop the skills that will enable him to identify the issues beforehand and at the same time finding the most practical solutions for the same. Needless to say, the adequate experience also guarantees proficiency.

Expertise is also important

However, just having the experience is not enough. There are a number of experience holders who don't have the required expertise generally because that has worked with the low profile clients who are not much demanding. Some of the developers might have a vast experience, but a very little percentage of satisfied clients. Some it is also important to know the portfolio and client base of the developers. It is even more important to contact a good number of his past clients personally to check whether they are happy and satisfied with the work. It will allow you to take an informed decision instead of just wasting your money.

Excellent grip on programming languages

Last but not the least, you should ensure that the developer should have an excellent grip on the 2 most essential programming languages- both academically and practically. These 2 languages include C# and objective-c. In fact, you should pay a keen attention to the versatility of their experience rather than just relying on the period. They should have the adequate experience of working for an organization for a considerable period of time that represents the reliable efficiency.

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